: Policies & Procedures :

{ Practice Requirements }
Students are REQUIRED to practice 6 days a week for an agreed upon amount of time. The amount required will be discussed between the student and myself. Diligent, consistent practice is necessary for wonderful progress, happy parents and a happy teacher:). Please make this a habit so I can focus on other areas in the students learning.

{ Payments }
are due the first lesson of the month. If the student doesn't attend the first lesson, the payment is still due. Payments received after the first lesson of the month with require an addition late fee.

{ Makeup Lessons }
Because my time is so limited and I have two young children that required a babysitter when I teach, makeup lessons will not be given. Upon enrollment, you will receive a set day and time with me each week. This time is yours so please arrange this time carefully so it doesn't interfere with other activities.

{ Materials }
~3 ring binder {hard back preferable} with lined paper
~a bag to fit all books and materials
~piano books {they differ with each student}
~pencil to mark books and write down metronome marks
~a set of Bastien flashcards

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